Are You Using the Right Media

Magazines have proven the most effective format to target a Specific Market, create Trust and establish BRAND.

The Women’s Journal…

  • Targets Women
  • Builds Trust While Establishing Your Brand
  • Informative and Educational Local Publication
  • Bimonthly – Eight Weeks of Exposure
  • Categorical and Clutter Free Packaging
  • Creates Credibility
  • Pre-Qualify Clients
  • Enhances Distribution through Events, Networking Groups and Pass-along Distribution
  • Articles are Provided by Local Businesses and Professionals
  • Helps form Relationship with Advertiser and Potential Client through Articles

The unique hallmark of our publication, the sponsored article format, has key components of the Enabling Process™ that help women reach a purchasing decision:

  1. Author Name & Photo – builds familiarity with reader
  2. Article Title grabs attention
  3. Educational & Informative Article engages interest, creates desire and inspires action
  4. Author or Company Bio – builds confidence and trust regarding advice, experience and qualifications
  5. Testimonials establish credibility
  6. Display Ad expresses the emotion of your promise, the visual and final component for successful advertising

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