Does your skin need a nudge?

Quite often I am asked the question “just what exactly does an esthetician do?” Here’s my answer. We give the skin the little nudge that it sometimes needs in order to effectively do what it was designed to do naturally. As we age, the skin’s cellular activities become a bit sluggish which results in a more dull, flaky, discolored, or wrinkled appearance. Estheticians perform treatments that gently and effectively refresh and “jump-start” the skin resulting in a more healthy, vibrant appearance. For example:

Exfoliation (the shedding of dull, lifeless skin cells at the surface) is encouraged by mechanical or chemical stimulation. After age 30, the natural shedding of these cells slows considerably which not only makes the skin appear dull, but also prevents product ingredients from being effectively absorbed.

Oxygenation (increasing the blood flow to the skin’s tissues) is encouraged through the infusion of specially-formulated serums and administering a facial massage. Skin that is rich in oxygen content appears more hydrated and supple. Collagen production begins to slow after age 25 and can also be encouraged through regular facial massage and the introduction of collagen-rich products.

Routine facial treatments provide your skin with the help it needs to stand up to the challenges of sunshine, toxins, and time! Enlist the help of an esthetician today!

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