Exercise Specialist Reveals the Truth About Osteoporosis That Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know About!

By Jeff Tomaszewski, Chief Life Transformer, MaxStrength Fitness

… and how you can reduce your risk of osteoporosis with exercise.

Current estimations reveal that there are more than 52 million women and men with either osteoporosis or low bone mass. If current trends continue, the figure will climb to more than 61 million by 2020. It’s a widespread condition in which the bone loses its density, putting you at risk of fractures, the most common being the wrist, hip and spine. The worst aspect of osteoporosis is that there is no warning. By the time it’s diagnosed, it’s generally too late as the first sign of the condition is often a broken bone after a minor fall.

Representatives from large pharmaceutical companies have claimed so called “bone drugs” are the solution. Side effects from these drugs include upset stomach, inflammation of the esophagus, jaw osteonecrosis (rotting of the jaw bone), severe mudscle, joint, and/or bone pain, and “usual” femur fractures, not to mention atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm that can cause a rapid heartbeat).

Therefore, be very careful if considering these drugs as a course of action.

The Good News!

Many popular magazines sing the praises of various “weightbearing” activities as a means of halting and reversing bone loss. This would be nice, but general activity will do very little to reverse bone loss. We do however know that human bone will adapt to a stimulus provided from progressively loaded strength training exercise. This exercise starts at the muscles and goes down to the bones; it affects all of the connective tissue in between, making for a more resilient drive train.

The Solution to the Osteoporosis Dilemma is Progressive Strength Training.

The health benefi ts of high-intensity strength training are far-reaching and impressive. There is evidence to suggest that high-intensity strength training can increase our bone mass and bone strength, and help prevent loss of bone mineral density as we age. This is exciting news, especially as significant improvements in bone health can be achieved from just two 20-minute sessions of high-intensity strength training per wekk.

How Can High-Intensity Strength Training Help Improve Our Bone Health?

Its long been known that an increase in muscle mass can protect the bone against fractures and breaks by acting as a shock absorber for the bone and reducing the impact of the break or fracture on the bone. This makes strength training a superior type of exercise for senior citizens and those with osteoporosis or at higher risk of breaking or fracturing bone. Exercise such as jogging, running on treadmills in a gym, and golf do not help to strengthen and increase muscle mass and, therefore, cannot provide the level of protection to bones that strength training can.

But There’s More to This Story Than Just Protection of the Bone.

Yes muscle can protect bone in terms of providing a buffer to protect against injury, but the link between muscle and bone goes much further. If muscle can send hormonal signals across to the bone, instructing it to build and increase its density, then this is yet another reason why we must take steps towards strengthening our muscles. This provides further and exciting evidence that strength training can be used to help conditions such as sarcopenia (the gradual loss of muscle mass associated with aging) and osteoporosis. These techniques allow for a myriad of adaptive responses that include improvements in muscular strength, flexibility, injury prevention, rehabilitation, cardiovascular adaptation, metabolism, glucose economy, overall appearance, and enhancements in our everyday abilities. Osteoporosis prevention is only one of the many benefi ts from a properly performed strength training program, but a very important one.

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