Solve the Healthy Mystery

Do you feel like you are out of juice either in the morning and afternoon?

Do you wish you had more energy?

Are your hormones going haywire throughout the month?

By Dr. Brandon Bupp

I want you to know that it is possible to feel great and restore your energy naturally but you do have to follow some proven health principles to get there. The most important question…After all the
trips to the doctor and specialists; do you have an answer as to why? And not just because your hormones are o or because you have a thyroid problem or whatever other conditions it may be?

The question is WHY?
WHY is your thyroid not working? WHY is your digestion bad? Why are your hormones out of balance? You must find the WHY? What am I saying? You must find the underlying
cause of cause so to speak.

I’ll give you a quick example. Have you seen the new movie Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence yet? Well to get right to the point, their spaceship begins to malfunction. At first, it’s little things; their computer screen goes blank, then they lose power briefly, the robot cleaners stop working. But soon after, major malfunctions start to occur. The expert looks at the ship’s diagnostics and finds that there is a major system malfunction that is not showing up in the testing but is causing these little issues to occur. It’s draining the energy of the ship which is causing these other symptoms.

The truth is, our body works the same way. If your liver or guts are not working properly other issues start to show up, like thyroid problems. Until you correct the major cause, these problems never go
away, but instead, continue to get worse.

I would like take a minute to introduce myself to you. My name is Dr. Brandon Bupp and several years ago, I decided to transform my practice into a practice that seeks to answer the why and then have natural solutions to restore normal function to the body. I began training in Functional Medicine and completed training with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the international leader in functional medicine training.

The same training the Cleveland Clinic utilizes to train their medical doctors in functional medicine.

I am so excited and thrilled that I did that training because it unlocked the why for my patients. In our office, we do extensive blood work to find out exactly where the deficiencies are stemming. We check not only the general markers but also the very specific indicators. We also do hormone testing, urinalysis for toxicity, and stool testing if necessary as well.

At Advanced Health and Wellness, our approach to fixing these issues is state of the art. We utilize an integrated medical approach, vitamin and supplement prescription based on test results, as well as some amazing healing technology such as frequency specific microcurrent as well pulsed electromagnetic field. Google those technologies to see the amazing restorative possibilities. We also utilize research-based nutrition coaching with our awesome nutritionist, Amber.

Since 2010, Advanced Health & Wellness Center has been helping those in Wadsworth and the surrounding communities achieve optimal health in one convenient location. We offer quality care to people of all ages who are looking to get out of pain, lose weight safely and effectively and get on the path toward optimal healing and health.

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