Taking the Bite Out of Pain

By Dr. Scott L. Rose

Many people live with headaches as if it is a normal part of life. Others go to their physicians who give them drugs to mask the symptoms. I view this like a leak in the ceiling. You can live with it constantly dripping or with the water spot never going away and constantly being annoyed. Or you can just paint over the spot to mask it. My question is: if you are going to expend energy being aggravated or expend energy masking, why not just use that energy to fi nd the source of the problem and fix it?

Half of the headache patients I treat have lived with the pain that has really impacted the quality of their lives. The other half has been given all kinds of drugs to mask the pain. It is not to say that all medication is bad, but taking these meds is not without its direct effects on the body and mind. If you could choose a treatment that not only helps the headaches, but also helps restore balance to the body without drugs, and addresses the cause of the problem, why not choose this option? Most headaches have a muscular component and sadly this is rarely addressed.

Headaches, jaw pain, popping of the joints, ear congestion, neck pain, and even tingling in the fingers can be the result of a bad bite. A dentist specifically trained in Neuromuscular Dental Principles with the right computerized diagnostic equipment (Myotronics K7) can find the most muscle relaxed position of the jaw, a position where the muscles are in balance, happy, and pain free. When the jaw is placed in this position, good things start to happen. Pain begins to go away, posture gets better, and body balance begins to return to health, without drugs.
The question is: are you the person who wants to mask the leak or fix it? The best way to solve the pain puzzle may not always be the most obvious or the fastest. Doing nothing or chronic drug use may be more harmful in the long run to total body health. Choose options that not only address your issues, but are safe, gentle, and non-toxic.

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