Almost Everyone Reads in Public Places!

Reading is the #1 Activity While Waiting in Public Locations

  • 92% read/look at magazines in doctor’s and dentist’s offices
  • 85% read/look at magazines in salons and spas
  • 75% read/look at magazines in business reception areas

Action taken by public place readers

  • 62% trust the articles they read
  • 83% of readers are engaged with information
  • Readers use information/ideas, talk to someone, bought or intend to buy a product or service from an editorial
  • Readers research, bought or intend to buy a product or service, followed up, or tore out an ad after reading
  • Readers visit a website, recommended a product or service after reading an ad or editorial

Target Audience: Are you aware that women purchase 83% of all products and services?

The Women’s Journal is a primary resource for women of all ages throughout Northeast Ohio.

Distribution:  More magazines are read outside of the home in public waiting areas.  Readers experience fewer interruptions, engage in less multitasking and feel less guilty about devoting time to reading.  We deliver through public placement, such as doctors’s and dentists’ offices, medical facilities, salons and spas, business reception areas, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, and many more.  This results in highly desirable advertising prospects.  Our above average readership is due to the multiple readers in public places and  current information being referred to friends and family who directly benefit from our articles.

Hundreds of locations in Northeast Ohio PLUS Health Fairs, Expo’s, Women’s Organizations & Community Events.

Distribution Schedule: The Women’s Journal is a bimonthly publication.  General material deadline is by the 10th of the month prior to issue release, i.e. the deadline for issue released in February-March is January 10th.  That issue will be distributed no later than the 10th of publication month.  Please contact specific edition for deadlines relating to that issue.

  • February March
  • April May
  • June July
  • August September
  • October November
  • December January

Because Public Place Copies Reach Readers  Who are Both Engaged with the Publications & Demographically Desirable, Our Magazine Provides Substantial & Unique Value for Advertisers!

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