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HOW can The Women’s Journals work for my business, product, or service?

Women arrive at purchasing decisions by going through the Enabling Process™: gathering information, learning through “permission marketing²,” sharing (word-of-mouth or referrals) and developing trust. The unique hallmark of our format models this process providing our advertisers an effective way to communicate with this influential market by empowering women to make decisions.  We are an informative, educational and objective resource helping local businesses and professionals showcase their products and services with no “noise1” to interrupt or distract your target market — Women. The publication is designed to be a quick, uncluttered read for today’s busy women.


WHEN The Women’s Journals are published bimonthly (every eight weeks), giving business owners and professionals extended and effective exposure.

WHERE The Women’s Journals are publicly placed free of charge and are distributed where women visit, shop, eat, pamper, work, read, or otherwise congregate. The Women’s Journals keep working for you even when you are not by our commitment to distribute at health fairs, expos, business seminars, networking, and sponsored events.


ARE The Women’s Journals just for women? And do they only feature women in the articles?

No, absolutely not. The Women’s Journal philosophy simply recognizes women as a very influential niche market. Women talk about everything, including which lawn mower to purchase, and what is the best way to handle their finances.


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1-Noise is the four minutes of commercials, the 30 pages of cosmetic ads, the irrelevant layout of display ads, the Internet pop-ups, and row after row of highway billboards that CONSUMERS ARE NOT EXPECTING, DON’T WANT, OR IGNORE.

2-Permission marketing occurs when a consumer picks up a FREE copy of The Women’s Journal; because she/he wants to. As a result, that consumer (your audience) is captive and interested because she/he has chosen to be.

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