About The Women’s Journal™

The Women’s Journal was established in 2004 with the mission of empowering women through knowledge. We are a relevant resource for our readers, helping local businesses and professionals showcase their products and services with no “noise” to interrupt or distract your message.

The publications format has informative articles, with quality designed graphics to capture readers’ undivided attention for today’s busy women. For over 17 years our magazine helped connect businesses with an audience that responds to content marketing.   The Women’s Journal magazine is published bi-monthly that provides an interactive reading experience and offers a community to build a relationship.

Our digital magazine can be read ANYWHERE & ANYTIME!

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To energize & empower our readers through content and educate businesses on how to connect with women consumers. 

Our magazine covers areas such as:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Legal
  • Business
  • Education
  • Family
  • Home & Garden
  • Travel
  • Arts
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Leisure
  • Finance
  • And Much More!

You can find The Women’s Journal locally at:

  • Medical Buildings, Doctor’s Offices, Dentist’s Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Deli’s, Restaurants
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Recreation Centers, Fitness Clubs
  • Libraries
  • Office Buildings
  • Bookstores
  • Salons, Spas
  • Special Events
  • And Other Locations