Are you feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list
and don’t have the focus to create marketing material?


You can’t can keep up with content production
to stay connected with your audience?


You don’t have the ‘creative’ mindset to produce
your marketing assets?

If you answer YES, to any of these questions WJ Creative Studio
content subscription must be included in your marketing budget!

Due to the immense growth of online usage over the last several years, businesses now are focusing their marketing on digital content and building communities to connect with their audience.    Kelli Cole-Wagner and Tara Haley have teamed up their creative minds to help overwhelmed business owners. They have worked side by side over the last 12 years growing and innovating The Women’s Journal magazine.

With a combined 40 years of experience of marketing consulting and content creation they are partnering to launch, WJ Creative Studio. These content creators will now offer businesses creative services to strengthen digital content that engages verbally and visually to build trust with the consumer.  Over the years Kelli and Tara found that most business owners are busy with day to day operations or don’t have a marketing department to develop content.

WJ Creative Studio’s mission is to help small businesses and organizations build their creative content they present to the digital world that resonates and connects with their community!  They share a few items to keep in mind for your content creation.

  • The purpose of content is to add meaning and/or value to people’s lives.
  • Build strategy ahead of content creation to make sure that whatever content you’re distributing has the best chance of reaching your audience.
  • Your content should connect on a real-life level – the hero should be your audience!
  • Allowing your audience to experience your product or service.
  • Give your audience a sense of belonging and a community with your brand.

WJCS uses the Creative Enabling Method™  that that produces brand clarity to create content that is engaging, informative, and valuable to the audience to help them reach a purchasing decision. It is designed for small to mid-size business owners, solopreneurs, and organizations:

  • Individuals feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with to-do list of normal operations
  • Lacks the creative mindset or focus for content ideation
  • Lacks a marketing department or creative team to develop content that will build a relationship with their community (audience).

WJ Creative Studio offers a solution to save you time (and money) to concentrate on your business.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve marketing clarity and take control of your content!


WJ Creative Studio offers a solution to save you time to concentrate on your business.


Creative Services Offered:  Content Strategy  |  Content Ideation  |
Blog Writing  |  Newsletter Creation  |  Graphic Design Layout  |
Content Video  |  Content Calendar  |  Social Media Content

How Do I Connect To A Consumer?

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