TOP FIVE Reasons Why MEN Need Massage Therapy Too!

By Debbie Kacic, LMT, Reiki Master

At Nature’s Touch, we are putting the emphasis back on men to show that massage therapy can have equally positive health benefits. More and more men are finding therapeutic massage alleviates their stress, sore muscles, and promotes a sense of relaxation. Check out the top five reasons why your Dad, husband, or other special guy in your life deserves a massage:

SHOULDER & BACK PAIN – With yard-work in full force and the golf clubs dusted off, Dad’s body may be feeling a little tight, overworked and sore.

HEART HEALTH – Diet and exercise are by far the best ways to maintain a healthy heart, but research has shown that incorporating regular therapeutic massage into a healthy lifestyle can benefit cardiovascular health.

STRESS – According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the best way to cope with stress is by taking care of your body, and we couldn’t agree more.

FLEXIBILITY – Let’s face it, most of us live a very sedentary lifestyle. And for the Dads who work in an office-type setting or sit at a desk or drive a truck all day, you may hear them complain of stiffness or tightness when they try to get up and move.

ENERGY – How often do you nd your husband or Dad sleepily sipping coffee in the morning on his way to work? Or maybe he enjoys a cold beer at night or is known to eat wings and nachos now and then. Whatever his vice is, he may be in need of a little detox.

Massage is a valuable form of therapeutic relief and offers several health benefits. There are also many different types of massage. Whether dad is looking for a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage, or he just wants a Swedish or Relaxation Massage, the therapists at Nature’s Touch will be sure to match him with the massage session that meets his needs.

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