You Can Be Your Best You with Laser Acupuncture

By Luciana McCartney

Laser acupuncture, a non-invasive alternative therapy, uses low-level lasers (LLLT) on specific pressure points across the body similar to traditional needle acupuncture. As a form of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s “qi” or energy flow. Issues like tobacco and food addictions or chronic stress are believed to be caused by blockages in energy flow. By stimulating pressure points located in specific areas of the body, new channels can open allowing energy to be redirected, thus encouraging the natural meridians to flow properly.

How can laser acupuncture help the smoker, the person who is trying to lose weight or someone who suffers from stress?

For the smoker, LLLT reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms by stimulating pressure points that encourage better energy flow and endorphin production that reduce stress and anxiety.

For the person who is addicted to food, LLLT focuses on addiction, sugar detoxing, and weight health pressure points. AcuLaser Treatment Center has a number of programs designed to help specific needs. AcuLaser Treatment Center also offers The Cryo T-Shock for added support to help eliminate stubborn fat while dieting. You can see changes in just a few treatments.

For someone who suffers from stress, LLLT helps reduce cortisol levels in the body, which trigger high levels of stress and anxiety.

If you want to experience the benefits of laser acupuncture for yourself, turn to the professionals at AcuLaser Treatment Center. Visit our website at to learn more, or call 440.740.1020 to make an appointment today.

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