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Calendar and Release Dates - The Women's Journal

Editorial Calendar 2020


Featured Focus:
Wise Health Care
Ask the Expert*
Healthy Home

DEADLINE – January 13th
Released Date: February 10th


Featured Focus:
Pets & Family Life
Stress Management
Did You Know?

DEADLINE – March 9th
Released Date: April 6th


Featured Focus:
Men’s Health
Summer Living
Food & Fun

DEADLINE – May 11th
Released Date: June 8th


Featured Focus:
Women You
Should Know*
Healthy Aging

DEADLINE – July 13th
Released Date: August 3rd


Featured Focus:
Family Caregivers
Holiday Festivities

DEADLINE – September 14th
Released Date: October 12th


Featured Focus:
Men You
Should Know
New Year, New You*

DEADLINE – November 9th
Released Date: December 7th

Every issue is packed with information for women of all ages. Topics including personal well-being, education, fitness, business, finance, legal, travel & leisure, cuisine and more!

Please note release dates may vary slightly without notice due to printer schedule; contact edition directly for exact dates. The Women’s Journal reserves the right to edit for grammar and formatting of submitted sponsored articles. This is an added service assuring more consistent journalistic practices and offers writers, at no extra cost, assistance with their articles. TWJ makes every effort to maintain the spirit, flavor, and essence of the original article and author’s work. *Major editorial features.

Please Contact Edition Directly For Exact Deadline Dates