What a Few Readers Say About The Women’s Journal

What a Few Advertisers Say About The Women’s Journal

I get weary with many periodicals that are loaded with so many off the wall issues (this includes our local newspaper).  What I have read of yours is balanced, helpful and positive…I intend on keeping this women’s Journal as a top reading resource.

– Kris L.

I love everything about the Women’s Journal…great info…timely…it always is good and keeps getting better.

– Karen G.

I absolutely LOVE The Women’s Journal! Thank you!

– Cindy W.

Just had to take a minute to tell you we love your new look! Always glanced at the cover when the delivery person brought a handful of your journals into our office – but never took the time to read it. But this time, I said that’s going to fit so much nicer on our end tables, AND I picked one up and brought it to my desk to read it. Nice Publication.

– Karen T.

Dear Women of the Cleveland Women’s Journal, What a wonderful magazine! I was on maternity leave earlier this year when I first encountered The Cleveland Women’s Journal. It was so nice to read so many positive and encouraging and helpful articles. Keep up the good work! Thanks for putting out such great energy.

– Nancy E.

I look forward to the issue coming out as always, it has the best highlights of area people and businesses. Sincerely,

– April N.

I overheard a coworker this morning who had found one of your magazines and was gushing about it to another coworker, saying how great it would be if our company could advertise in such a high quality magazine!

– Christy M.

It’s amazing how many women see my ad and read The Women’s Journal magazine. I have advertised with The Women’s Journal from the beginning and find it to be the best print vehicle to reach my audience – WOMEN! I know this is one media that pays for itself! They are proud to be a community resource and take pride in helping small businesses, like myself, with their marketing needs including the creations of content and graphic design, allowing me to concentrate on my business, making my life easier!

– Shellie Graf, Owner Elegant Essentials

I have been a part of WJ for many years. The high-quality magazine includes articles that are inviting and enjoyable to read. It allows readers a possibility to understand the nature of my business. It is a magazine that reaches a lot of people. I couldn’t be more pleased with the number of women who say “I was sitting at the doctor’s office and I read your article.” Thank you, WJ!

– Luciana McCartney, Owner AcuLaser Treatment Centre

I cannot thank The Women’s Journal enough for helping me connect with other women and capturing and sharing the true message of my business through the magazine itself as well as through events sponsored by the WJ. The three years that I have advertised with the WJ have not only generated new relationships with clients but have developed friendships and it’s truly been an empowering business relationship that continues to grow and I am so excited to see what the years to come bring!

– Jesica Wilfong, Owner, PetalSweet Cleaning

My first year of advertising generated over a 30% growth! I am very excited to start another year with Women’s Journal it has been a rewarding investment! The ROI has exceeded our expectations with adding many new clients and friends. The staff is very easy to work with and offers many creative ideas to generate more business. I am very pleased with this investment and happy to recommend this magazine to local business owners. Yours in good business!

– Owner, Linda Machalicek, Dolce Organic

The Women’s Journal is a great place to acquire visibility for your business. I have been advertising in it for several months and I am often approached by readers (new and existing customers) who have seen my articles and advertising. Many of them have also told me that they will cut out articles and save them for future reference. One customer who somehow misplaced my contact information, read the Women’s Journal at her doctor’s office and found my article! She happily rushed home to tell her husband and they were able to contact me again for services. Showcase YOUR business in the Women’s Journal – it works!

– Pieri Levandofsky, PC Computing, LLC

Over the course of a couple years I have had articles in The Women’s Journal I have been extremely pleased with the outcomes. The whole experience has been pleasant and lucrative. The staff worked with me to help put into words my business philosophy and to bring it across to potential clients. The staff made sure that I had full approval before printing so that there were no misleading statements or facts. This has been a problem when I have “written” articles in other publications. The women that call with inquiries from the Journal are educated and well informed. They are the kind of clientele that I enjoy serving. Many that visit from the articles the first time have good retention and continue to come to the salon as advocates. TWJ has played a major part in growing and supporting my business. Thank You!

– Phyllis DiSalvo, Botanica Organic Salon

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