Enhance the Waiting Experience


Create a Feeling of a Faster & More Enjoyable Wait

Reading is The #1 Activity While Waiting in Public Locations

  • 92% read/look at magazines in doctor’s and dentist’s offices
  • 85% read/look at magazines in salons and spas
  • 75% read/look at magazines in business reception areas

Public placement is targeted locations; mainly public place waiting situations, such as doctors’s and dentists’ offices, medical facilities, salons and spas, business reception areas, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, and many more.  This results in highly desirable advertising prospects.  Each place extends reach; each copy generates multiple readers.

Public place reading provides a more meaningful experience, due to less interruptions and distractions, and readers feel less guilty if they are reading out of the home.

Benefits and Value of Public Placement

Reading in publicly placed locations enhances the waiting experience

  • 95% of public placed readers report they would be upset, feel under served or bored if no publications available
  • 63% would feel the location was not trying to make the visit as enjoyable as possible if no publications are available
  • 97% feel the time goes faster
  • 84% believe it takes mind off why they are there


Enhance the waiting experience for your clients and prospects!
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Action taken by public place readers

  • 62% trust the articles they read
  • 83% of readers are engaged with information
  • Readers use information/ideas, talk to someone, bought or intend to buy a product or service from an editorial
  • Readers research, bought or intend to buy a product or service, followed up, or take magazine with them after reading
  • Readers visit a website, recommended a product or service after reading an ad or editorial
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